About Us

Located at the central city of Pekalongan, Central Java - Indonesia. Our company mission is to decrease poverty in Pekalongan especially people neighbourhood. Our main purpose is optimizing natural plants as rubbish polluted in the area surround us by recycling them . We use wooden traditional handlooms as one of the techniques. Our company goal is inspiring you idea to the end with our styles of natural ingenuity. We have invested all our expertise in presenting you variety of fully crafts and handwoven textiles out of natural fibers, as pineapple fiber, banana fiber, sisal fiber and mother-in-law’s tongue fiber, and, handcrafted products of superlative plant-based materials such as waterhyacinth stalk, banana stem, ceda/ fragrant root, mendong and lidi of which are manufacturized and functional for table wares, stationaries, apparels, home appliances and decor.
We offer you with our exclusive assorted functional sizes, motifs and styles. We also welcome you to provide us with your own defined design to meet your